Because I love guitars and everything about them I'm guessing if you've landed on this page you probably do too, so here's my line up of beauties!


My old work horse of guitars...had her the longest and she's been bashed and played and 4-stringed and dinged and dented and taken on roadtrips and dragged through the sand and loved.


The Venus Blood Moon Faith Guitar. What a beauty eh! Trambesi wood such beautiful resonance. This is my posh one that doesn't get dinged and dented. Sounds awesome and fills a room unplugged.


Ah yes the untameable wildheart. Custom CigarBox Guitar made by Zeff Neeson. Oh my. Can words even do this tiger justice! She is my pride and joy, the apple of my eye. The one in my collection I make sure I've double locked the house up for. She's the Outlaw of the guitar world. Tune her however you like she just growls all day long ... makes me smile. Always.


Zeff Neeson Custom wild card. Inspired by the weight of the Brad Paisley telecaster, one of the lightest electrics I've ever held, this weighs in at only 6lb 11. Now that's light enough to swing me around without getting a bad back. Made from Poplar wood and a Maple/Rosewood neck with vintage pick ups and a beautiful Hendrix style roadworn finish...this is my dream guitar. Yep. That's it. Right there. Reminds me of the white Peavey S-type I had as my first guitar when I was 14. Loved it. Now this feels like home.